Take advantage of Free Service to activate your new motorbike warranty.

    • KPB1: 2000km/2 months
    • KPB2: 4000km/4 mo
    • KPB3: 8000km/8 mo
    • KPB4: 12,000km/12mo

  • Regular Service

    Regular servicing every 4000km/4 months to maintain your motorbike.

    • Complete Service Package
    • Light Service Package
    • GO-Plus Package
  • Light & Heavy Repair

    Heavy repair services such as lowering the engine or pressing the frame. The speed of heavy repairs depends on the availability of the spare parts needed.

  • Visiting Service

    Don't have time to go to the workshop? We can come to your location.

    • District South Kuta
    • District Kuta
    • District Abiansemal
    • District North Denpasar

Book Now!

Use the Booking Service to choose a visit time according to your free schedule.

  1. MKM Jimbaran - telephone: (0361) 777782 | wa: +6285253703818 | Chat Now!
  2. MKM Darmasaba - telephone: (0361) 9067198 | wa: +6281933113871 | Chat Now!